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 Patio cover, Awning, Carport


Patio Covers, Awnings, Carports expand outdoor activity area on your deck or backyard, avoid strong sunlight or rain, protect your deck and save maintenance cost. With a solid Patio cover, Patio canopy, Carport, you can BBQ in all seasons.

patio covers       Aluminum patio cover ( aluminum patio cover awning)

       Glass patio cover (glass cover, glass roof)

       Aluminum patio cover with skylight (customer designed)

       Insulated patio cover ( insulated panel, insulated roof)

       Insulated patio cover with skylight (customer designed)

       Carport (aluminum roof, insulated roof)

Our Services
  • Aluminum patio covers, awnings, carports
  • Glass patio covers, awnings, canopies
  • Insulated patio covers, patio roofs 
  • Sunrooms, Solariums,
  • Home additions, patio enclosures
  • Balcony enclosures, Deck enclosures
  • Windows install, windows replacement
Your Benefits
  • Increases your outdoor leisure season
  • Protect your deck and save maintenance
  • Have party or Barbeque all year long
  • Adds privacy and security
  • Sunroom give you extra space for living room, den, gym etc
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Cover your basement to prevent water pouring in
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